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Mark Eppler has been delighting meeting planners all across America with his dynamic platform skills, vivid illustrations, and engaging sense of humor. As a keynote speaker, he believes in entertaining and inspiring his audiences, while providing practical take-home value for personal and corporate improvement.

An award-winning speaker since 1987, Mark has a broad range of business knowledge, including an impressive collection of “best practices” from a wide variety of companies. In fact, the list of industries that have utilized Mark’s services is quite impressive.

When Mark presents a program, his goal is to have participants say, “He’s one of us.” In preparation for programs in the past, Mark has attended “rock school” (the aggregate industry), “chicken school” (the hospitality industry) and even “flight school” (the aviation industry) – all to gain insight and learn the language of his audience before speaking to them.

Compelling stories. Original content. Engaging wit and humor. With Mark Eppler, you get it all!

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