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"You know how they changed the world. Now discover how they can change your business."

Selected as a TOP TEN business book by The Globe & Mail, Canada's largest newspaper, The Wright Way uncovers problem-solving principles the Wright brothers used to conquer the skies, principles that work today. The AMA describes The Wright Way as a "perfect blend of savvy business guidance and historical adventure story."

"The Wright Way" - Mark Eppler
ISBN: 0-8144-0797-8


"You can work for the best company in the world, but if you have a bad boss you have a lousy job."

A best-selling book, Management Mess-Ups examines a variety of mistakes managers commit daily that stifle productivity, squelch opportunity and generally irritate employees! Management Mess-Ups offers solid advice for turning management failures into victories!

"Management Mess-Ups" - Mark Eppler
ISBN: 1-5641-4848-3